Measurement of Drawbar Retention Force

Picture above: Drawbar retention force meter with various adapters
Picture above: Measurement of retention force on a vertical spindle
Picture above: Measurement of retention force on a horizontal spindle

Some years ago, measurement of drawbar retention force has been just a topic of scientific interest. Meanwhile the importance and necessity of this subject is well known in today’s machine tool industry and the use of drawbar retention force meters is even specified in the European Standard EN 1550 for Machine Tools Safety.

Machine Centres with serious loss of drawbar retention force may produce parts of less-than-perfect tolerance. As time goes on, tolerances become harder and harder to meet. The operator must compensate with lower speeds and compromises until, finally, tool chatter becomes so great that he has to stop production and find out about the failing drawbar that no longer holds tools rigidly enough.

The drawbar retention force influences heavily the performance of your machine!

We measure the retention force of your spindles. When regrinding a spindle taper we measure this force before and after the grinding process without any additional cost.

Unsufficient retention force causes:

  • Tool chatter
  • Downtime of machine and tools
  • Lower production quality
  • Destruction of taper contact
  • Tool wear
  • Tool runout
  • Wear of bearings
  • We offer you a Test Certificate which testifies the Drawbar Retention Force.