Precision by tradition

Since 2001 Geotec Messtechnik is the Technical Sales Representative in Baden-Württemberg for the electronic autocollimators of Moeller-Wedel Optical.

For more than 30 years the optical measuring devices of MOELLER-WEDEL have been worldwide renowned for excellent quality. In order to enhance the market position of MOELLER measuring devices, MOELLER-WEDEL OPTICAL GmbH was founded on January 1st, 2000, as a subsidiary of MOELLER-WEDEL GmbH. Targeting exclusively industrial measuring technology MOELLER-WEDEL OPTICAL GmbH probably offers the largest range of visual and electronic autocollimators, providing an accuracy of up to 0,01 arc seconds, for measuring straightness, flatness, and positioning accuracy of index tables in the machine tool industry.

For the industry MOELLER-WEDEL OPTICAL GmbH offers interferometers for shape testing, goniometers, goniometer-spectrometers, visual and electronic autocollimators, testing telescopes, dioptre telescopes, and measuring devices for single lenses (focal length) prism binoculars, cameras and zoom lenses. New in the product range is a compact electronic centering sensor based upon electronic auto collimation. Services such as the calibration of MOELLER measuring instruments or training courses complete the range of products offeredLLER-WEDEL OPTICAL GmbH.

Applications of Electronic Autocollimators

Straightness, Parallelism, Tilt

  • Measurement of straightness and parallelism of machine ways and straight edges
  • Tilt measurement of carriages
  • Deformation measurement of machine parts up to length of 25m with an accuracy up to 0,5µm/m (0,1 arc sec).
  • Flatness

  • Testing of flatness of large plane surfaces such as metal or granite surface plates and optical tables. Accuracy up to 1µm/m².
  • Position uncertainty

  • Testing of position uncertainty of index tables and rotary tables
  • Absolute measurement of polygon mirrors Accuracy up to 0,1 arc sec.
  • Measurement of squareness of

  • Spindle axis to worktable
  • Between machine ways
  • Between straight edges