Repair of Driver Keys on Mori Seiki Milling Machines

Particularly on Mori Seiki milling machines of series SH, SV, MV ,MH and GV with SK40 milling spindle, the driver keys are integral part of the spindle and therefore not exchangeable. When milling with interleaving cut or after crashing into the work piece the keys are broken or worn out.

As the only company offering this service, we are able to remove those keys by applying milling techniques and replace them by exchangeable steel keys.


  • Very cost effective repair
  • Low machine down time
  • Exchangeable driver keys
  • Best fit of driver keys
  • Rapid in-plant service
  • Mitnehmersteine
    Picture above: Damaged driver keys on a Mori Seiki machine
    Picture above: Removing of damaged driver keys
    Mitnehmersteine eingeschraubt Taschen
    Picture above: New driver keys, screwed into the spindle
    Picture above: Key locations with threads, ready for new keys