Repair of Ceramic Spindle Tapers on Mori Seiki Milling Machines

Ausgebrochenes Keramik
Picture above: Broken-out ceramics at a Mori Seiki MH80 machine.
Keramik entfernt
Picture above: Removed ceramics, cylindrically grinded spindle.
Picture above: Built-in steel-bushing, taper regrinded in the machine.

  • Problems with broken-out ceramics in the taper seat?
  • Spindle runout due to crashing into the work piece?
  • Unsufficient taper contact of damaged ceramic taper?
  • Problems during fit milling by tool chattering and varying tolerances?
  • Loss of precision due to tool runout?
  • Damages on all tool holders?
  • As the only company offering this service, we repair ceramic spindle tapers Sk40 and SK50 (MORI SEIKI ).

    We remove the defective ceramic spindle taper in your factory and replace it by a hardened steel-bushing with internal taper without removing the spindle from the machine. Subsequently, the steel spindle taper is then regrinded in the machine for maximum concentricity.

    The advantage of this steel spindle taper over the ceramic taper is that after a further crash regrinding can be accomplished very cost effective.

    The entire spindle repair is finalized within 1-2 days, resulting in very small machine down-time.

    On the accomplished work we grant you a warranty period of 12 months.