Calibration Acceptance on Tool Machines

Picture above: Calibration Certificate

Calibration acceptance testifies to the user, that the original accuracy of the machine, guaranteed by the manufacturer, actually still exists.

We offer you a complete check-out of your machine by testing the specified parameters such as

  • Linear positioning measurement of all axes
  • Angular positioning measurement (rotary tables)
  • Circularity test of the most important axis
  • Measurement of the angles X/Y, X/Z and Y/Z
  • Examination of geometry by means of spirit-levels
  • Examination of concentricity and positioning of the main axis relative to the other axes
  • Documented evaluation

  • Geradheitsmessung   Granitnormal
    Picture above: Straightness measurement on a gantry milling machine
    Picture above: Examination of squareness by means of a granite standard
    Laservermessung   Kreisformtest
    Picture above: Laser measurement on a 5 axes milling machine
    Picture above: Circularity test on a milling machine
    Drehachse   Leveltronic
    Picture above: Measurement of a rotary axis
    Picture above: Examination of geometry by means of "Leveltronic"