Spindle Taper Regrinding

Picture above: Defective spindle taper SK40
Picture above: Regrinding of spindle taper SK50
Picture above: Regrinded spindle taper Sk40

Just one moment of not paying attention by selecting the wrong program or inserting the wrong tool or simply through carelessness and it has already happened! The tool crashes into the machine and damages heavily the concentricity of the machine. Especially on large machines, repair is very expensive and time consuming. And who likes production downtimes of one week or more and accept such high production losses?

We offer you to grind your spindle tapers back to specifications in-place in the machine, to insure greater concentricity to the bearings and thus minimum runout. Regrinding in-place also eliminates the tear down necessary to remove the spindle and lessens the downtime to a few hours.


  • New Spindle Tolerances held
  • Most accurate Method of grinding Taper Seats
  • Machine Alignment unaffected
  • Minimum Machine Downtime
  • Most cost effective Method of grinding Taper Seats
  • No Tear down of the machine
  • No Remove of the spindle
  • A Permanent Repair
  • Improved Tool Life
  • Fast On-Site, In-Plant Grinding Service
  • Optimized Taper Contact through Taper Gauges
  • What we need:

  • Spindles should be SK40, SK50, MK3 and MK4 (further types on request)
  • The distance between spindle nose and worktable has to be 350mm minimum
  • The worktable has to be cleared completely
  • The spindle bearings should not be damaged.
  • What we do:

  • Spindle taper regrinding in the machine, horizontal or vertical position
  • Concentricity after regrinding will be better than original specification
  • The taper contact is measured by us with special gauges
  • We give you an inspection report which testifies the measurement results before and after Regrinding.

  • Messlehren
    Picture above: Original taper gauges according to DIN
    Kegel nach Crash
    Picture above: Destroyed spindle taper after crash
    Nachgearbeiteter Kegel
    Picture above: Regrinded spindle taper taper contact and concentricity repaired

    Only a perfect taper seat guarantees a long life-time of spindle and tools as well as a low reject rate caused by runout. Considering that a machine should have the best possible tolerances as well as minimum down time, spindle taper grinding is a very cost effective alternative to the normal way of spindle repair.
    In case of your interest, please ask for quotation. We will send you then our detailed price calculations.

    Picture above: Regrinding of the external spindle taper of a surface grinding machine
    Picture above: Original inspection report