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Welcome to the Website of Geotec-Messtechnik!
We offer you competent Customer Service around all CNC Milling machines and High Precision Machining centres:

We do
Laser measurements, of straightness , squareness and flatness, Circularity tests, Positioning accuracy tests at rotary tables and Multi Axis Turning Centres, Regrinding of spindle tapers, Repair of ceramic spindle tapers and Repair of driver keys.

We are also Technical Representative of Moeller-Wedel-Optical in Baden-Württemberg, which offers the largest range of visual and electronic autocollimators, with an accuracy of up to 0,01 arc seconds, for measuring straightness, flatness and angular positioning of index tables in the machine tool industry.

We carry out measurements on any production machines such as gantry milling machines, surface grinding machines, cylindrical grinding machines, water jet cutting machines, laser cutting machines, nipple machines, turning lathes, boring mills and hardening plants. Besides this, we develop and produce equipment for specific measuring tasks.

Comparing the position displayed on a machine’s readout with the true position measured by the laser, we can significantly improve the positioning accuracy by compensation techniques in the machine’s controller (siemens series 800, Fanuc, Deckel, Dialog Heidenhain, Bosch, Mazak etc.) and by using racks and tape measures.

Being confronted more and more with machine runout problems at our customers we started our In-Place Spindle Taper Regrinding Service. Within a few hours(in emergency cases even during the weekend) we repair spindle runout by regrinding the spindle taper in your plant without removing the spindle from the machine. Especially on large machines long shut-down times and expensive repair costs can be avoided.
By using this very cost effective technique the machine’s original performance is at least re-established – and in many cases - even greatly improved.

One of our specialties is the repair of ceramic spindles (Mori Seiki). We are the only company to offer this service. The defective ceramic taper is completely removed and substituted by a steel bushing with internal taper. The spindle is not removed from the machine and the total down-time runs to approx 1-2 days.

As part of our “spindle repair activities” we also repair defective driver keys in the face of the spindle on Mori Seiki machines.
Since the keys are an integral part of the spindle, they have to be removed by milling techniques and substituted by exchangeable steel keys.