High Precision Rotary Axis Calibration with Renishaw`s Rotary Table RX 10

Rotatorische Positionsmessung 1
Picture above: Rotary positioning measurement and compensation of a 5-axis milling machine
Picture below: Rotary positioning measurement and compensation of a "Schiess"-vertical turning machine. The rotary table has a diameter of 8 meters.
Rotatorische Positionsmessung 2
Picture below: Error diagram according to VDI 3441 after "error compensation", 5 runs
Auswertung nach VDI 3441

RX 10 is a rotary axis calibration system which provides fully automated axis calibration to +- 0.5 arc second accuracy.
It is used in conjunction with the ML 10 lasersystem, allowing rotary axes to be calibrated to laser accuracy.
This patended method of calibration has revolutionised the measurement of rotary axes. Automated testing enables a rotary axis to be checked in a very short time. This represents a massive time saving over traditional methods.
RX 10 operates either in horizontal, vertical or even upside-down position for easy calibration.

  • Angular Range 360°
  • Indexing Accuracy +-2,5 µm / m
  • Repeatability 1 µm / m
  • Max velocity of table 30 rpm
  • Another fundamental advantage of RX10 versus traditional measurements is that indexing increments can be varied over the whole measurement range.
    Data output is provided either in arc seconds or µmdegrees and can be compensated by us within the machine`s controller.

    Our measurement software corresponds to the recommendations of the VDE/DGQ guidelines regarding the evaluation of the angular positioning accuracy. Hereby positioning deviation, positioning uncertainty, minimum, maximum and average variance of positioning as well as minimum and average deadspot have to be measured.